Stock Refiniishing / Restoration
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George's Willamette Valley
Our customer restores and refinishing is all done by hand. We use one of the
best sealer and finish that will not crack, peel or fade. It is water resistant and
is great for wet climates such as Oregon.

We remove all old finish, varnish and or polyurethane, remove dents, oil and
water stains and repair cracks if it's needed. We then hand rub a sealer that
fills in all pores and protects the wood. Last is the finish. This process takes
time, but well worth the wait. The end result is a beautiful finish and natural
We have restored stocks that didn't seem worth doing to the customer until
they seen it and couldn't believe it was the wood they left with us.
We have done antique weapons, wood with gold inlays and checkering.
We have also done some plain stocks that ended up amazing.

Stock restore / restorations start at $ 125.00
Call for a quote.
When this set came to our
shop it looked like it was
dragged in gravel for a
mile. We repaired it then
refinished it. The customer
was amazed.
Nice custom restore and
refinished by hand.
This set was cracked
almost all the way, after
some repairs and
refinishing it came out nice.
Nice stock with a brass
emblem inlay, refinished
the wood.
Nice pattern on wood was
discovered after we
stripped the old finish and
refinished it.
Beautiful restored
Remington 870 butt stock.