Our shop builds re-build shotguns not only for individual customers but for  LEO                       
Agencies as well. Some of our technicians have been through  Remington's                            
gunsmithing seminars and their LEO courses. The Ithica MDL 37 is another shotgun we      
have extensive experience with. We can set your department up with our maintenance /
preventive maintenance program to assure you ultimate reliability and safety.

We have decades of experience working on O/U, Semi-Auto, pump, single shot /
gun - single shotguns too. From trigger jobs on your trap / skeet  gun for a crisp, no creep
break, to rust bluing, refinishing the stock or adding a rib.

I f you would like to have your standard 870 or Mdl 37 converted to a tactical shotgun, we     
are equipped to do so. We can cut and crown the Bbl, install a bead or rifle style sights,
trigger job, change out the stock and forend then  add a matte black finish.

Below are just  a few of the things we do.
Prices reflect labor only;

Solder front and rear sight ramps on Bbl                                                               $ 50.00

Add a center - middle bead on rid                                                                            $20.00

Open up choke on fixed type Bbl                                                                              $ 80.00

Port Bbl       per Bbl tube                                                                                           $ 150.00

Trigger action job 870's, Mdl 37's                                                                             $ 75.00

Change wood to plastic type furniture   on most shotguns                                 $ 50.00

Cut and crown bbl and re-install bead most single Bbl's                                    $ 75.00

Tactical conversion package on 870's, Mdl 37's and Mossberg 500              $ 250.00
family; Cut & crown Bbl to 18 1/4" or 20", re-install bead or track lock
sights, trigger job, add 7 or 8 shot extension, install plastic furniture,
sling swivel in buttstock if needed, refinishing in matte black.
Parts are extra and we can quote your desired items on per job basis.

To silver solder front and rear sites on the above Tactical Package add         $ 75.00
We restore a lot of Winchester Mdl 12's, 42's and Mdl 21's, L.C. Smith,
Leverer, H & H and Webly Scott.  Both the metal and wood restorations
are available through us.

Contact us for exact details and price quotes.
Metal restoration reblue with our
attention to detail on  preserving
the engraving and lettering. Bbl
and rec reblue with severe  rust
&  pitting removal yet the detail
is undisturbed or ruined.
Wood restoration done by us.
Dents and scratches raised
and removed. Checkering
recut, filled pore, hand rubbed,
finish on the buttstock and
forend. This job was done for a
Mjr from the 82nd ABN Div now
serving his 3rd tour in
Iraq.  "AIRBORNE ! "
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We rebuild and time or by the
batch. Night sites, extension
tubes, trigger jobs,
refinishing, Bbl work.  We are
used by numerous
Remington 870 wood
restored / refinished with a
matte black hot blue finish.