We have a full and complete machine shop to do most any type of work. The people  that    
machine on your firearm here are skilled, trade school / gunsmithing school  graduates.
Journeyman level and several decades of proven experience. Below is a list  of some of  the
work we offer. If you do not see what your looking for,
please e-mail us.
These prices reflect labor only. We can restore your favorite hunting rifle, build you a
new one, convert it to a short mag, build a custom muzzle break and install it, change it to a
heavy bbl target / tactical rifle or take just the action and create you what ever you like

These prices reflect labor only;

Thread, chamber, cut and crown most BBl's on common                            $ 375.00
bolt action rifles.  We are picky on what brand of Bbl's we
will use and install. Pac-Nor, Shilen, McMillen, Hart and other
quality brands only.

Glass bed and free float most bolt action rifles, be it a wood                      $165.00 and up
stock or glass. We also bed the trigger guard-floor plate area
also to aid in prevention of stock compression        

Glass bed M1A / M14 rifles                                                                                 $ 175.00 and up

Re-cut and crown most BBl's                                                                             $ 75.00

Adjust most rifle triggers                                                                                     $ 50.0  $ 75.00    

Jewel bolt                                                                                                               $ 60.0

Drill and tap for rec sights                                                                                   $ 50.00 avg

Solder / sweat ramps and sights                                                                      $ 65.00 ea

Drill and tap per hole, most applications                                                         $ 18.00 ea     

Install scope mount, rings, bore sight on                                                        $ 45.00
pre-drilled rifles, most brands

Weld on and fit new bolt handle                                                                        $ 75.00

Forge low swept bolt handle to clear scope                                                   $ 70.00     

Install low safety on 98 Mauser & Springfield                                                 $ 50.00

3 position style                                                                                                      $100.00 and up

I nstall Canjar and Timney style triggers on most rifles                                $ 50.00

Thread BBl's for M.B. most rifles                                                                        $ 50.00 - $100.00

Install common style sling swivels                                                                   $ 45.00

Marlin / Winchester lever action " Carbine Conversions"                             $ 250.00
Bbl is re-cut and crowned to 16 1/4", mag tube shortened
to match, front sight re-installed. Nice handy package!

FAL / L1A1 rifles bbl'ed, timed, head spaced, M.B. soldered                       $ 175.00
per BATF requirements, bolt and bolt carrier re-numbered
to match rec serial # and test fired. We have more than a 25yrs
experience in building / rebuilding these rifles.

Carbine conversion to 16 1/4" Bbl to 18" Bbl  
or any length you choose during build                                            add          $ 50.00

Carbine  conversion on already built FAL / L1A1                                           $ 100.00
Our lathes are set up to do your conversion without
removing the Bbl from the rec.

M1A / M14 Rifles. We are set up to do your M1A/M14 right  the first time. From Std weight  
Bbl's to Heavy weight super match style, they're fitted right. Unitized gas cylinders, trigger
job done to NRA regulation, glass bedding, ream flash hider to N.M. Spec's. Call or write for
quotes. Agency or Government P.O. are accepted on small or large lot builds.

AR15 built to match standards, please write for work and quotes.  With the AR-15 market of  
accessories exploding the last few years we could not quote all the work we do here on this
site. We can turn your std configured rifle to an M4/CAR-15 type, "retro" your current
AR to a RVN Style "look a like". You ask...we'll answer.

We do a lot of specialized work that would be to long and extensive to list here.
Contact us for any additional work you may desire.
3 FAL/ L1A1 variations, built up
and refinished by our shop.
These were kits and rec's sent
to us by customers. Built back
into beautiful & accurate rifles.
A California compliant FAL
we built up and refinished.
Fixed 10 shot mag, no
F.H./M.B. Refinished
in our matte black.
Rifle Page
M14 / M1A's built up by us. We
can quote price per rifle or per
batch.Our work of this type has
been carried and used world
wide.Tactical to National
Match, we can do it. Reliable
and accurate.
George's Willamette Valley
Copyright 2014 George's Willamette Valley Gunsmithing  
IMI / IDF heavy Bbl and heavy
Bbl carbine conversion built
up and refinished in our
shop. These came to us as
kits and left as completed
M1A / M14 refurbished by us.
New heavy bbl, gas cylinder
rework, glass bedded, trigger
job, scope mount redone,
custom muzzle break / F.H.
Custom classic rifle built here
in our shop. SAKO action,
Shilen Bbl, custom stocked by
us, steel grip cap, refinished in
our combo bluing style,