What is Duracoat andCerakote
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PacificCoat ( DuraCoat ) is a hard polymer that is self lubricating to a certain
pounds of direct impact and 80 inch pounds of reverse impact. It's pencil
hardness runs H to 2h. Pacific Coat has passed a 300hr,salt spray test, which
such as DSA utilize DuraCoat finishes on their rifles. DuraCoat has proven to
hold extremely well under field conditions. Even on parts such as FAL bolts,
which are subject to significant abrasion as the bolt cycles. DuraCoat has
held up well and proven to be extremely durable. DuraCoat does not wear
out, chip or flake.

What are my choices for a metal finish?
Your options are unlimited for your metal finishes. We can provide you with
the traditional bluing type finishes, but some prefer to utilize the most modern
firearm coating available. These will provide superior wear resistance and
total protection from rust and chemicals. We will consult with you as to the
endless options.

What are my choices for wood finishes?
Your options  for wood finishes are vast as well. The final choice really
depends on what you are going to do with your firearm. We can provide and
level of finish you desire, but we will consult with you to ensure the end result
meets your needs.

My firearm is really rusty and pitted, can this be saved?
These are the firearms that we specialize in. No matter how rusty or how
pitted these firearms are, we can make them look new again. See our
restoration pictures.

My firearm is broken and doesn't function properly !
Repairing your firearm can be part of the restoration process. No matter the
age, these can be repaired to shoot again. We will consult with you about the
options for your project.

My stock is badly dented and oil, water soaked !
In many cases these stocks can be repaired and restored with some modern
techniques. We will consult you about your options.

I want to restore my firearm and install a scope !
As part of the restoration process we can incorporate any new accessories
you want to add.

Can you apply Pacific Coat to just the barrel or receiver?
Yes we can apply Pacific Coat to any part or all of your firearm, we will consult
you are to your options.

Can I have more than 1 color on my firearm ?
Yes, you can have up to three colors.



What is Moly Coat ?
trademark of John Norrell
Inc. These finishes are
specifically formulated from
a phenolic resin base and
molybdenum disulfide with
an exclusive blend of
additives only available
through Norrell
Manufacturing. It's
additives create a phenolic
coating that is hard,
durable, and extremely
chemical and heat
resistant. It's special low
temperature catalyst will
cause the resin to harden
and bond to the surface to
form  a barrier to acids,
oils, paint removers,
powder solvents, bore
cleaners and other strong
industrial solvents. The low
curing temperature
prevents possible heat
damage to parts during the
curing process. The
combination of the most
base stock, their additives,
and molybdenum creates a
truly unique coating that
represents state-of-the-art-
technology. Moly resin is a
coating developed for
ordnance usage on
equipment and weapons,
providing excellent
corrosion protection,
abrasion resistance and
lubricity to meet automatic
weapon dry firing
requirements after 60 days
seawater immersion.
Moly Resin will adhere to all
metals including the following:
aluminum. carbon steel,
stainless steel, sandblasted
and glass beaded metal, cast
iron and uluminum,titanium
copper,silver solder,blued or
parkerized finish
anodized,nickel and chrome
plate,and many plastics, etc.
Pacific coat "Pinky" This
is a HI Power
duracoated in Pink and
Matte Black. Nice carry
gun for your wife,
girlfriend or sister.
Here is our digital Urban
MirageFlage Camo.
Hi Power duracoated in a
Tactical woodland green
and matte black.
This was a good choice in
color for this rifle.
Wilderness MirageFlage
digital camo.