PRICE LIST FOR REFINISHING                                

Matte Refinishing in Matte Black  Most Rifles              $200.00

Matte Refinish FAL L1A1                                                  $235.00

Matte Refinish M1A / M14                                                 $235,00

Matte Refinish most handguns                                      $200.00                

Polish Reblue Std   
Most rifles / shotguns / handguns                                  $200.00 and up      
Polish Hi-Luster    
Most rifles / handguns / shotguns                                 $ 250.00 and up         
Restoration refinish with draw filing,                                        
removal, hand polishing                                                 $300.00 and up    

Draw filing and hand sanding - polishing
on severe metal damage                                                $ 45.00 hr

Matte finish S/S rifles or handguns                               $ 85.00 and up
Restores finish to like new with a dull grey look                                        

Polish S/S rifles or handguns to like new luster        $125.00 and up                     

The rebluing prices are on firearms that are not in rough, beat up condition. Additional         
charges for drawing filing, severe pitting removal. We will always quote a job before we      
proceed if it falls out of our normal price range index for service.

Our shop takes extreme pride in our refinishing craftsmanship. No washed letters,             
funneled screw holes, polish off edges. We protect the lettering, screw holes, wood to       
metal fit areas, rec-trigger match ups, sights and BBl's from "wave & wash". We polish      
the firearms in the correct direction they came from the factory.

We have done "correct restoration" work for several decades. A number of shops                
across  the United States use us as their refinishing - restoration experts.  From                 
Pre-war / Pre-64 Winchesters, to Luger's, to your old hunting rifle from grand dad.

Contact us about anything you might not see listed here.   

Brownell's bluing salts are used exclusively by us. For over 30 odd years their salts             
have  served us well. When used properly, they meet U.S. Military standard, Mil-Spec:         
C13924BAM1, Class 1, Grade A.     

Wood stock refinishing / restoration work                    $ 150.00 and up

Water damaged, oil soaked, dents, scratches, nicks, worm hole.
Everything is done by hand, stripping, sanding, dents, oil finish and a sealer. This process
makes your furniture water resistant,  doest not peel or crack and all the pores are filled
which makes a beautiful piece of wood.   

Wood  re - checkering                                                      Call for quote


Our custom metal work
before bluing. A nice rifle we
built on a CZ M98 action, Pac
Nor Bbl, swing safety, M.B.
After rebluing. Soft matted rec
w/ polished BBl.
Pricing for Refinishing
A pair of FAL's, before & after.
We can take your ugly gun
and make it look pretty good
again. We did  these for a
major distributor.
George's Willamette Valley
1950's vintage Colt L.W.  built
up and refinished by us. It is
a every day carry / working
pistol.  Custom but clean
lined. Features to numerous
to mention in this space.
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Colt 1911A1 refinished in
Tactical matte black bluing.
Colt Python refinished in
Tactical matte bluing
Winchester post 1964
receiver before duracoat
and before restoration
Same post 1964 after wood
restored  /refinished along
with application of gloss
black duracoat finish.