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George's Willamette Valley
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A Remington Mdl 700 customized in
our shop. Fluted
H.B,  glass bedded into a position
stock,  Leopold military scope,
Gentry 3 position safety, extended
bolt handle, Timney trigger.
Close up view showing our
installation of the extended bolt
handle and Gentry 3 position safety.
We get a good solder bond on
these bolt installs. Very important
when you have the added leverage
of an extended handle.
Here is a picture of a Sako that was
hot blued in a black matte finish
along with the wood restored. The
original stock was broke in half at
the trigger. Wood restored /
refinished by Ms. Browning.
Ruger Super Black Hawk
Stainless revolver after bead
blast matte finish.