Custom Browning High Power flat top.
Started out as a.30 Luger from it's
original country. We added custom
sights, mfg'ed and installed a new Bbl
bushing to std 9mm dia,.leeved the.30
luger Bbl to 9mm Bbl dia and fitted a
new Barsto 9mm Bbl for a 2 caliber
conversion. Reblued by us in a combo
1 Ruger from a set of 6 matching
sets we did, for one customer,  all a
little bit different.
Cut Bbl to 5 1/2", re crown and reset
front sight, brass grip frame, log
forcing cut, cylinder Metal Life coated,
S/S ejector rod & housing, trigger &
hammer reshaped, action job,
refinished in our Hi-Luster reblue.
          Photo Album Page
 George's Willamette Valley
Before and after restoration pictures of
a early "C" prefix Colt mfg 1911.  This
is the type of restoration work we are
well known for.
A family heirloom we felt very good
about restoring this 1911 for the  grand
daughter. It was carried by a Lt.
Assigned to Gen "Black Jack"
Pershing during the American -
Mexican Border Wars. Truly a work of
art when returned. Lettering left intact &