Our staff has specialized in custom handgun work since the 1970's for the LEO / Military   and
civilian community.  Listed here are some of our basic  work and packages. We can  also
re-build / build any additional custom features into your project as you desire.

These prices reflect labor only.

Trigger - Action re-work on most SA / Dbl action revolvers such as S & W, Colt,                     
Ruger,Taurus and clones includes the following:

Trigger-action smoothing, lighted single/double action pull, smooth trigger face, re-cut      forcing
cone, chamfer cylinder chambers for easier

Trigger-action re-work on Sig Sauer, Beretta, Tarus, S & W  semi auto's and clones;
Smooth and reduce single/double action pull, polish feed ramp, hone extractor,
polish guide rod.                                                                                                    $125.00  

1911 Style semi-autos; trigger-action re-work, crisp single action pull, stone trigger
stirup, polish disconnecter, tune extractor, check internal parts.                 $100.00
This price is on a quality 1911 mfg. Some may require a
trigger and / or sear for a good, lasting trigger job.

Browning High Power and clones. Trigger-action re-work, re-move
magazine dis connector, tune extractor, check internal parts                       $100.00

Additional work on most semi-auto handguns;

Cut double dove tail slots for sights on semi - auto slides                
           $ 50.00

Cut slides for low mount Bo-Mar style sights or Novak                         

Bevel mag well                                                                                               
        $ 50.00

De-horn frame / slide  external parts                                                           
      $ 45.00

Stipple front  strap                                                                                           
       $ 65.00

Fit frame for beaver tail safety                                                                       
       $ 50.00

Lower and flair ejection port                                                                          
       $ 40.00

Tighten frame to slide fit and lap smooth                                                 
         $ 75.00 - $100.00

Checker main spring housing                                                                      
       $ 25.00

Package on 1911 and Browning High Power style pistols; labor only, install most  brands of fixed
sights, cut front and rear dove tails for sights, de-horn/carry bevel frame  &  slide,  trigger-action
rework, polish feed ramp, lower & flair ejection port, refinish in our  deep  matte black
Labor  Only                           $ 350.00

On the above style package build, parts are extra, but you can select exactly what you
want us to install and fit into your pistol from the start. You then receive your handgun  built the
way you wanted. Please feel free to contact us on these builds as we only use
quality brand parts such as; Kings, Wilson, Cylinder & Slide, Clark, Wolff, Ed Brown, etc.  
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A pair from a batch of
Browning HP's we built for
agency use. We have the
capacity to build
small/large retrofit / up
grade batches.
Before and after builds.
Austrian HP's re clone in
our shop. Retro-fitted,
cylinder and slide parts
added, night site machined
in and installed, Wolff
springs  and refinished in
our matte black .
Refinished by us. Carry
bevel package, high ride
beavertail safety, king
Amby-safety, king trigger,
EB hammer & sear Barsto
Bbl bushing, lower &
beveled mag well, Wolff
springs and refinished in
our matte black.
A "T" series Browning High
Power was restored. Carried
thru RVN 1968 by a "Charlie
Mdl" Gunshop pilot. Rusted and
well worn from a hard tour of
duty when our shop got it., now
his old friend looks new again.
Custom Browning High Power
flat top. Started out as a 30
Luger from it's original country.
We added custom sights
mfg'ed and installed a new Bbl
bushing to std  9mm dia,
leeved the 30 luger Bbl to 9mm
Bbl dia and fitted a new Barsto
9mm Bbl for a caliber
conversion. Reblued by us in a
combo finish.
Early "C" prefix Colt mfg
1911.This is the type of
restoration work we are well
known for. A family heirloom we
felt very good about restoring
this 1911 for the grand
daughter. It was carried by a Lt.
Assigned to Gen."Black Jack"
Pershing during the American
Mexican Border Wars. Truly a
work of art when returned.
Lettering left intact & sharp.
Stainless Steel Colt 45,